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Here are some links, with moderately useful short decriptions, since we’re at it:

Big Takeover: great music mag
Boing Boing: tech news
CIS: I’m an affiliate scholar
Concord Coalition: Federal debt and deficit
Concurring Opinions: tech law and opinions
Conglomerate: business and tech
Contracts Profs: contracts law
Creative Commons: copyright options
David Mamet Cartoons: cartoons by playwright David Mamet
Electronic Frontier Foundation: follow EFF
Fark: odd news
Federation of American Scientists Secrecy news: government secrecy news
Ideoblog: ideas
Jurisdynamics: tech law ideas
Laboritorium: James Grimmelmann
Legal Theory: legal theory info and law school news
Legal Underground: law info
Leiter’s Law School Reports: law school inside baseball
Lessig: Larry Lessig
Madisonian: tech and law
MoneyLaw: legal education analysis
Not Quite a Blog: voting machines
Open Access News Blog: open access news — can’t be more clear than that!
OpenBusiness: new business models
Patry Copyright: copyright law
Prawfs Blawg: law profs
Public Knowledge: tech policy and rights
Rules for the Revolution: Colette Vogele’s podcasting podcast
Sivacracy: NYU prof
Stay Free!: Brooklyn humor
Tech & Marketing Law: Eric Goldman’s tech & marketing
Techgnosis: tech, mysticism and gnosticism
Techmeme: tech news
Techsploitation: eclectic tech and pop culture
The Shout: Jennifer Granick
TNR The Plank: The New Republic
Trade Secrets Litigation: trade secret lit news
WSJ Law Blog: law practice news
XKCD: geek comics