Is Your Computer (Really) on Fire? A chat with Ben Peters

Friday, March 26, at 8pm pacific on KZSU-FM (Stanford)

Co-editor of the book Your Computer Is On Fire (MIT Press 2021), with Thomas S. Mullaney, Mar Hicks, and Kavita Philip

Technophilia, the dread of technology infringing on and disrupting human life, is a topic Professor Ben Peters covers in depth in his new co-authored and co-edited book, “Your Computer Is on Fire.” Acknowledging the power to enable society, Peters and his fellow co-editors and contributors nonetheless broadside what they call the “large-scale consequences of Silicon Valley.” Its a remarkably broad and timely endeavor.

On today’s show, Dave examines what’s really burning, and where is it out of control? Using clips from from Mark Zuckerberg’s 2017 Harvard commencement speech, as well as raising issues about how consumers and the government might address the many concerns raised by the authors, Hearsay Culture pushes for accuracy on this crucial topic — a goal shared by the authors themselves. In a broad discussion with return guest Ben, who has a vast and deep background in technology theory and practice, the 2021 state of tech play is developed and translated.

Listen in!