show #110 — Prof. Manuel Castells — posted

I am very pleased to post Show #110, March 10, my interview with Prof. Manuel Castells of the University of Southern California — Annenberg School of Communication, author of Communication Power. Manuel’s work is widely known for its prescience and insight and, given the focus of the show, I was thrilled and honored to have him on the show to discuss his newest book. In the interview, we discussed the nature of communication in light of the power relationships that exist in new media. Among other topics, we discussed efforts to regulate the Internet, where power lies on the Internet, and how individuals garner and wield power on the Internet. I greatly enjoyed the interview and hope that you do as well!

Because of KZSU’s interim period, new shows will begin airing again on Wednesday, April 14. I am in the process of putting together next quarter’s schedule (as always, I welcome suggestions sent to me at and plan to post it by the end of the month. Stay tuned and I’ll talk to you again next month!