Show #30 — David Brin — posted and where I’ll be

Show #30, my interview with David Brin, is posted. In a far ranging discussion, David expanded on the tech-sociological theories espoused in 1998’s forward-thinking The Transparent Society, and considered their application almost 10 years later. I enjoyed the conversation, and hope that you enjoy one of the more unstructured conversations had to date on Hearsay Culture!

The playlist for show #30:

(1) Doctor My Eyes/Jackson Browne/Jackson Browne
(2) Stumbling Through The Dark/The Jayhawks/Rainy Day Music
(3) Dark Hollow/Grateful Dead/Live – 1980-10-02 I
(4) Bad Reputation/Freedy Johnston/This Perfect World

Also, as a personal note, this Friday and Saturday I’ll be at U.C.Berkeley-Boalt Hall’s Copyright, DRM Technologies, and Consumer Protection conference. Maybe I’ll see you there!