shows #111 and 112 — Profs. Bobbi Kwall, Danielle Citron and Frank Pasquale — posted

I have been woefully delinquent in posting these two new shows, as this year has been insanely busy (the major items: I had a couple of conferences with papers, taught two courses that I had not taught in a few years, bought a house and continued to be a dad to two wonderful young boys and a husband to a wonderful wife). So, while these shows are available on iTunes, I have been late posting them here. My apologies.

Show # 111, April 28 (!) is my interview with Prof. Bobbi Kwall of DePaul College of Law, author of The Soul of Creativity. Bobbi has written an insightful analysis of what is best called the moral rights position of copyright law. In her book, she analyzes this perspective from a variety of angles, from traditional copyright to religious studies. Bobbi is one of the leading copyright scholars in the country and I was thrilled to have her back on the show to discuss her fascinating work.

Show #112, May 19 is my interview with Profs. Danielle Citron of University of Maryland School of Law and Frank Pasquale of Seton Hall School of Law discussing Fusion Centers. Fusion Centers are an unusual and relatively new law enforcement vehicle where state and local authorities can investigate a variety of illegal activities, from terrorism to insurance fraud, by datamining information provided by the public and private sectors. If this sounds concerning, it is; and Danielle and Frank are the two leading scholars analyzing Fusion Centers. I am a huge admirer of both of their work so I hope that you find the interview educational and enjoyable (if not unnerving).

New shows will commence June 30, so please check the schedule to see the upcoming guests! I will be finalizing the schedule in the later part of June. Thanks much, and look for my interview with Prof. Ken Wark of Eugene Lang College at The New School soon!