Shows #98 and 99 — Prof. Jacqui Lipton, Prof. Elizabeth Townsend-Gard and Justin Levy — posted and show #100 — William Patry, Esq. — coming!

I am pleased to post two more new shows. The first is Show # 98, October 14, my interview with Prof. Jacqui Lipton of Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Jacqui is writing a book, Global Real Property: Internet Domain Names, Trademark and Free Speech, examining the intricacies of trademark domain name disputes. These disputes take a number of forms, and have a variety of permutations that require consideration. In the discussion, we dissect these different disputes and discuss how they can best be handled, while examining the role of domain names in the operations of the Internet. I hope that you enjoy the interview!

The second show, Show #99, October 21, is my interview with Prof. Elizabeth Townsend Gard and Justin Levy of Tulane University Law School, creators of the forthcoming Durationator. Anyone who is familiar with copyright law knows how difficult it can be to determine whether a work is copyright protected or not. The Durationator is designed to solve that problem by offering a tool that allows one to find out an answer to that basic, but extremely difficult, question for any work of authorship. In the interview, we discuss the genesis and purpose of the project, and the future of copyright on a going forward basis. The Durationator is an amazing achievement and I greatly enjoyed the interview!

A significant Hearsay Culture milestone is coming up: Show #100, to air October 28, with guest William Patry, Esq., Senior Copyright Counsel at Google, author of Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars. More to follow, but I’m very excited (and amazed) to have reached this mark and look forward to chatting with Bill!