Are Robots Our Friends? An Interview with Frank Pasquale

Frank Pasquale testifying before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, 2017 (full video available here)

Hearsay Culture is pleased to welcome back Brooklyn Law School Professor Frank Pasquale for the second interview of 2021. Frank has authored New Law of Robotics: Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI. As Frank explains on the show, robots taking over the world is hardly a foregone conclusion. In fact, it’s unlikely, if we plan their integration thoughtfully so they support humans’ best interests – not replace them! As Frank writes on the dust cover to his book, “another story is possible.”

Frank is a friend of Hearsay Culture, and we are thrilled to have him back for one of our signature long-form but accessible interviews. A prolific reader as well as writer, we had a wide-ranging discussion about Frank’s current reading, his take on finding a job in an increasingly automated environment, and how to best harness the analytical power of machines. Listen in tomorrow, Friday, January 15, on KZSU-FM Stanford’s live stream at 8pm pacific! The show will be posted soon thereafter as a podcast. Look for it at!