Holography: How It Might Change Your Life

A Conversation with Visby founder Kris Chaisanguanthum, Friday, February 12 @ 8pm pacific on KZSU

(c) Kari Orvik Tintype Studio

On tonight’s show, Visby CEO Kris Chaisanguanthum calls holography “the next step in the evolution of image quality.” Holography will dramatically affect everything from business, education, and politics, to movies, concerts, and sports broadcasts. Imagine a 3-D object in front of you instead of a flat computer screen; Kris argues that this is the future of displays and why his company is among its pioneers. The building blocks of this revolution are being developed now, but will holography dominate later this decade? If so, how will the public have any say in its deployment?

Building on the last 20 years of rapid computer technology advances, holography is the next frontier of consumer device displays that imparts new meaning to the term “virtual.” In the interview, Kris explains why new computer and smart phone user interface features will change the way devices and communications work, and whether private companies can handle this monumental responsibility. Tune in for a fascinating discussion about one of the most cutting edge innovations of our time—as well as some personal insights on the journey and how to enter this exciting new field.